As well as a holiday meal, each guest received a party favor of seasonal mandarins, peanuts, a drink and a few renminbi to spend on essentials.


How your gifts can transform live in shangai

Issue 16

Spring 2021

Spring Festival dinner is a launch pad for new lives

People come for a hot meal and learn about our job training program

Thank you! Your support provided a hot holiday meal to 100 homeless guests and introduced them to our job training program. And because family reunions such a big tradition at this time of year, your gifts help overcome the sadness of having no family or being unable or afraid to return home. Your kindness also gave a few renminbi in a traditional red envelope to guests who could not otherwise afford their next meal because there’s no short-term work over the holiday.

Chen Wenlin was invited by a friend and said, “I saw so many friends there. It brought me hope.” He was incredibly grateful for the gift of cash. “I don’t know what I would have done without your hongbao.” Better yet, Chen has already started our job training program. He is enthusiastically doing daily chores and learning to read and write, practicing his characters in a notebook used by schoolchildren.

Our Spring Festival meal includes traditional dumplings, or jiaozi, all handmade by volunteers. Because we serve meals every day, can you help provide more essential food this spring? It will definitely attract more people into our training program.

You were there when he needed a second chance

Luo Yu dropped out of job training a year ago, but we’re glad to welcome him back

Were you ever given a second chance in life? What about a third chance? Each one of us has experienced failure at some point, but then there’s the kind of personal crisis that happens right on the verge of success...

Luo Yu could tell you all about it. He was doing exceptionally well in our residential program and ready to start training one day a week at one of our outstanding partner restaurants, M on the Bund – when he suddenly disappeared.

I just want a stable well-paid job. I’ve been drifting for too long.

That was a year ago. It was sad but understandable – because we know that even small steps toward full-time employment can be intimidating for those who know the joy of total freedom, even if it comes with the pain of homelessness.

But ... now Luo Yu is back! And far from getting the cold shoulder from his former friends, we’re still ready to help him make a new start. Every part of our journey brings us to where we are, and for Luo Yu, it’s your support that says, “Yes, come back, you wanderer!”

Like anyone who succeeds in our very challenging program, Luo Yu is an extremely hard worker who is once again learning to apply his effort do doing tasks according to plan, not just the way he thinks best. And he says he’s ready this time to finish the work he started, “I just want a stable, well-paid job. I’ve been drifting for too long.”

The Renewal Center’s training program is often the key to successful life-change, and is open to anyone who is willing to put in serious work towards finding full-time employment. We spend 60 RMB ($9.20) per person, per day for meals, training and accommodation, including the work our trainees do to keep the Renewal Center working for others. Your help today could change a life!

A hot meal and shower costs 15 RMB ($2.30). Add a day’s job training for a total of 60 RMB ($9.20).

My gift for meals and training
No one has any doubt that Luo Yu will land a satisfying job when he completes the Renewal Center’s training program.